Some of Mr. L’s best friends at school are girls.  Do you ladies remember 2nd and 3rd grade?  I specifically remember ditching my best friend since Kindergarten to be friends with the popular girls when I was in 3rd grade.  That was a waste of a perfectly good, healthy friendship.  Young girls are full of drama.  One day we’re friends and the next you can’t even talk to each other anymore.  It’s a roller coaster of emotions.

I honestly didn’t see this whole drama thing coming our way.  Yes, I’m a bit naive.  You see, Mr. L has a lot of girl friends.  He’s been having problems for the last week  at school with his friends but yesterday was the big kicker for Mr. L.  He was cross country skiing at school (which he does not like…snow, cold, physical activity) and he was struggling a bit.  He called out to one of his girl friends asking them for help.  She look right at him and then proceeded to turn around and head off without him.  He literally laid face down in the snow and started crying.  His heart was broken.  How could his friend simply turn and ski away from him when he needed help?  You see, everything matters to this kid.  People matter.  Their actions matter.

His teacher came to find out what was going on after a group of students were circling around him.  She had the other students leave so they could have a conversation about what was going on (have I mentioned I really appreciate her?).  He said he had a secret that he feels like nothing and not important.  Those are the same words he told me on Monday last week.

Over the last week, he’s spent a lot of time sad about the way others at school were treating him.  I suggested a few tips on being a good friend for him to try.  I suggested that if his friends still didn’t want to play with him that he should be on the look out for other friends that would be a good fit for him.  I’m sure this is the first of many times we will deal with friend issues.

So LOVE with all your heart Mr. L.  It’s worth all the bumps you will encounter on the road of life because yes, everything (and everyone) does matter.

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