Don’t Push Me!

Do you ever feel like you are running, running, running and can’t catch up for anything?  You can’t get on top of that pile of things that need to get done?  Your pushing so hard just to keep up or better yet, get ahead?  That’s how I have been feeling lately.

A few weeks ago I had an appointment with our tax lady.  I was in the car racing up to Bloomington to get the taxes done after spending the night before gathering the last few pieces of information together for our meeting.  I felt really, really scattered and pushed.

Now, I had planned ahead on my taxes and put the documents in a folder as they arrived at the house, but I had not fully gotten prepared.  We left on vacation with a few pieces (one large!) needing to be put together and then we lost a day between getting home and getting our taxes done when our flight was cancelled due to bad weather.  So we pushed again to get all the final documents pulled together.

The morning of my appointment, I was pushing to get to the appointment on time.  The GPS said I was going to be 1 minute early if I kept going but I hadn’t eaten breakfast.  Could I really handle pushing myself and not eating?  No.  Why hadn’t I planned ahead and gotten groceries so I could eat at home?  So, I decided to pull off and pick up a breakfast sandwich on the way which would guarantee my late arrival.  But that decision was also going to push my budget.

I hate it when I don’t plan ahead and get things in order.  Now, can you plan for everything?  No, not really.  But you can plan, prepare, and be ready for most things.  You can make sure to plan the menu, buy the food you need, and make time for even a quick breakfast.  You can get your groceries BEFORE leaving for vacation so that you don’t have to push when you get home.

Plan ahead…so that you don’t have to feel behind and frazzled like I was that day.  Break the cycle.  There are little decisions you can make to help them work for you or work against you.

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