Set the Tone

I recently went on a family trip to Texas with my entire side of the family.  After months of feeling like my family had been working REALLY hard at life, I was SO ready for a relaxing vacation.  Even before we left for vacation I felt God telling me that I would need to set the tone for the week.

I knew that there would a meeting that, if we weren’t careful, could cause hurt feelings or frustrations.  Add to that the 4 different families represented all living in a room who lived life and liked to vacation a bit different than one another…well, there was just a lot of potential for emotions to run a little hot.  So I found some GREAT quotes to print off and then placed them in each room.

Now, I could have gone into the vacation all defensive and ready to fight when someone got upset.  But really, is that any way to live?  Not at all!  Many of us have lived our lives this way for years.  I wonderful how much frustration and anger we have let come in our hearts that really didn’t need to be there at all.

All of us have the opportunity to set a positive tone in our lives.  Perhaps it’s just one area that needs help or the whole thing!  Each of us can lead the way somehow…a look, a smile, a great word, or a kind response.  Really the options are limitless!  Even in the hardest times, we can find a way to set the tone.

As we prepare for a new day tomorrow, what is something you can do to set the tone for those around you?  Even if you start with just one thing, what would it be?


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