I Need The TRUTH!

I remember watching a Veggie Tales video about Gideon when my kids were younger and thinking how much faith it would take for George Mueller to trust God to provide everything.  I mean, everything!  At that time I was still living under a lot of ick (read condemnation!) and thought I was a lesser Christian because I could never live with that kind of faith!  A few days ago I was thinking of that story again.  Perhaps it was because we were living that kind of faith out on a VERY small scale…and God has been very faithful, but that’s not the reason I write this.

My concern is that we have allowed other people’s expectations and condemnation (real or not real!) to dominate our lives.  What words have people spoken to you or over you (saying you are this way or that) that have SHAPED who you are today.  Have they brought God’s truth into your life or sucked out whatever truth you had in you?  Has what they said changed the way you hear and see yourself?

Who is the ultimate authority in our life?  If we make God the one in charge, I can guarantee you that He does NOT condemn us.  He will correct our behaviors and even guide us to the proper path, but He does it in such a kind and loving way.  He has expectations for you that are not outside your reach, especially when you are listening to Him and letting Him take the lead.

When people start speaking into your life, ask yourself if what they are saying is hurting or helping, but more importantly ask yourself if it is true.  I am constantly asking myself if what I’m thinking or hearing is a lie (and perhaps going to hurt me) or if it’s God’s truth about who and what He is asking of me.  Many times I go back to the Bible and test what I’m hearing.  I also journal, so I’ll go back and see if what I’m hearing lines up with what I’ve come to see in my past.

What are some lies that you’ve believed that need to be stopped?  Once you get rid of that lie, what is the truth in that situation?  It’s not enough to simply get rid of the lie, you must replace it with truth or the lie will try to weasel it’s way back into your life.  Find the truth.


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