Death to the Rumors (My Side of the Story)

I’ve been hearing there are rumors going around about what happened with me as my employment ended at Canvas.  I want to take a few minutes here to address them.  I’ve heard that I was forced out, that both Bryce and I are completely unemployed and without money.  Two words for all of that…NOT TRUE!

These rumors are not only hurtful to me but hurtful to the church and they need to STOP.  If you hear them, tell them to come to me or read this blog so that they have TRUTH instead of speculation.  I will not allow my obedience to God to be used to hurt people, situations, or cause division in the church.  

Let me tell you my side of the story (ONCE AGAIN!) so there is no question in your minds.

Six months ago I was able to (finally!) work through some of my past issues.  I was insecure, harboring hurts, and fearful.  I spent 2 prayer sessions with trained ministers working through these hurts.  I was able to take the lies and hurts that I had allowed to invade my life and give them to God.  When I was able to do that, God showed me who I really was and what He has called me to do.

At the same time, God started Bryce and I on a faith journey.  Last fall we were killing our Dave Ramsey budget and paying off bills.  Things were going great for the 1st time in a long time.  In a moments time God said to me, “cattle on a thousand hills, Jill.  Cattle on a thousand hills.” I knew there was something going to be happening with our finances.  Within a months time, my husband’s business was struggling to find new customers despite his awesome efforts.  One month we were not going to be able to pay our bills so I prayed asking God for just the back quarter of the cow (I didn’t need the whole thing!).  You know what He said?  “You sure do have a lot of stuff weighing you down.” So good God!  So we sold a lot of extra stuff.  Bryce had been applying for jobs like crazy and hadn’t gotten 1 but when God told us to sell stuff He provided not only 1 buyer, but at least 7 buyers per item we were selling!  I was floored by God’s faithfulness WHEN I FOLLOWED HIS LEAD!

(SIDE NOTE: God was up to something and we were having the time of our lives!  Have you ever had to totally trust God?  Like really, really trust Him.  If you will let Him be GOD and not try to take back control because of worry or doubt, you will be amazed at how PEACEFUL it is to follow Him.)

Fast forward through all of this adventure and you would see that God himself was working in our lives and teaching us.  God was showing me that there was something else besides my admin skills that He had for me in life.  HE had other plans.  I began to pray for Pastor Jeff and Tiffany that God would start to show them what was going on and prepare them so that when the time came for me to be done they would be aware and ready.  God did just that! (He’s so faithful!)

Pastor Jeff, Tiffany, and I met about a month ago.  In our conversation we talked about my dreams and my job at Canvas.  I want to make sure you hear this…it was amazing the UNITY in the room that morning.  GOD had orchestrated the whole thing.  I was not pushed out.  I did not get fired.  I did not resign.  We just all agreed that this is what GOD was doing.  We all had struggled with what God was doing because of the issue of money but we all agreed that GOD is the provider, not Canvas Church.  People, this was a God thing.  He released me and let me know I had accomplished what I was supposed to do while on staff.  My heart was full.

I am not concerned about the money.  In fact, He has told me I can’t work right now or I’ll miss the purpose for this time.  God has and will always provide for us.  The growth of my faith is more important that the growth of my retirement account.  We have paid every bill.  He has blessed us through our obedience in ways we have never been blessed.  God has provided more work for Bryce in the last 5 weeks since that meeting!  Come on now!  That’s God’s provision!  We are going to make it and it is going to be WONDERFUL!

I need you to hear me, this is all a part of the LARGER picture that God is doing in my life!  Let’s be amazed at God’s faithfulness!  Don’t rob a GOD situation of it’s glory cause when you do YOU ROB GOD! Now, I hope this will be the end of the rumors that are more like tumors that will only invade and destroy. Nobody wants to be doing that!

I’ve said what I needed to say.  I’m thankful for my time as a Canvas staff member.  I’ve learned so much about myself since coming to Canvas nearly 3 years ago.  God gets that glory!


One thought on “Death to the Rumors (My Side of the Story)

  1. Jill…..
    May you be truly blessed by your obedience, faith, and boldness. It was our honor and privilege to have you on Staff at Canvas Church and we are all better off because of it! May Glory all go to Him for he is Faithful and True…..
    Love you Jill

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