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I think I’ve finally figured out my obsession with the South.  Last night I watched a movie called “Finding Normal” and it kinda solidified my feelings.  I equate the South with Simplicity.  Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m not calling the South simple.  Movies portray the South as more laid back, easy going, and living the old American way of life.  Who doesn’t want that!  I kinda do a lot.

The last few weeks of unemployment have been so awesome!  I had 5 people ask me on Sunday how I was liking being done and you know what?  I LOVE it.  Who would have thought!  I wondered if they could see it on my face.  When God told me to not work right now because I was going to miss what He had for me if I did, I would have never thought this was what He was up to.  I love being home to study, read, and learn more.  I love writing and creating new things that will be used to help people in the future.  I love being fresh and fully available for my boys when they get home from school.  I love the fact that I can concentrate on my body and health so that I can be a healthy old grandma!  I love the time to do the things I love and see the people I love.  (Ok…enough about the love!)

In the movie they talked about instead of making a living, people make a life.  Wow.  That stuck out at me.  I’ve been running around trying to make ends meet by making a living that I TOTALLY forgot how to make a life.  I’ve struggled for years with making a life when it came to my time with the boys.  I’ve always been so focused on work that they are an afterthought.  It made me cry desperately over the years because I simple did not know how to change it.  My heart is so heavy right now I can barely do anything but feel that feeling.

How do we find simplicity in this crazy technology world?  One of my dreams has been to move to some land where the kids can run and we can have chickens (and maybe a cow!).  My boys are friends with two brothers who live out on some land and they have chickens, soccer nets, ponds, and just a whole lot of fun!  My boys love it out there.  I think we all look at their way of life and so desperately want to find it for our family.  I want to find simple pleasure in making a life.

How do we get to that place where our pace is free and our minds are able to think clear thoughts?  I don’t want a “rat race” I want simple, peaceful living.  I’m diligently searching for how that all works.  I want that freedom.  It has been a deep desire within me for years.

Show me how to get there, God.  Show me how that all works.

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