Full-time Mom…HELP!

Today is a big day for me.  A day I’ve dreamed of over the years, but never thought it would come.  Today I am a full-time stay-at-home mom and to be very honest I’m a bit freaked out by it!  Ok…I was a stay-at-home mom this weekend too, but today it just seems more real.  We celebrated the end of school a lot this weekend with perhaps some of the most rookie mistakes such as staying up until 11pm, drinking soda, and eating cake at each grad party.  It’s time to start for real!

Over the 9 years of being a mom, I’ve always had a work-from-home job that kept my attention for a portion of my day, each day.  There is a lot of freedom to make the most of this season in life, but there is also a lot of unknowns for me!  This summer I have a few goals for my 7 and 9-year-old boys.

Here’s my list:
1. Learning (school) each day (both boys are behind and we are not gonna start the next school year behind!)
(I’m thinking daily reading, writing, math work, science experiments, and maybe themed studies)
2. Built-in, intentional fun
3. Limited screen time
4. I’d like to have a general daily schedule to help us meet these goals
4. Experience life, not just wait for the fall or next big thing to come

The truth is I really don’t know how to do this whole full-time mom thing!  I need your help!  What suggestions do you have for a newbie like myself?  Anything you do that really works or things I should avoid?  I’ve started a Pinterest board called School Them to help with my first goal.

I would seriously love to hear from you!  I want to make the most of our time together this summer and for however long this season of life lasts!  Please leave a comment below!

4 thoughts on “Full-time Mom…HELP!

  1. I know nothing about being a stay at home mom, because I have never been one, but I think setting a schedule and a routine every day is a very good idea. I remember when I was in Sweden we had some missionaries from Sweden, a young couple, who went to Azerbadjan or Tjatikistan, or something like that. They ended up getting captivated by the talibans and were captives for about 8 months or so. They got badly abused and it was really hard for them, but they decided that they were going to make a routine for each day in order to stay sane! They got up at the same time every morning, they swept the floor with whatever they had, and tried to live a “normal” life, and that was such a help for them. The psychologist they ended up seeing after they were released said that that was the best thing they could have done. Not that I want to compare being a stay at home mom to being a prisoner, but in order to get stuff done, you’ve got to plan for it. I know, for myself, that I get more done on my working days than I get on my days off sometime. Anyway, I like reading your blog. It was good to see you a little this past weekend. Hope you all are doing well!

  2. Jill,

    My stay at home Mom adventure began after 3 years of working full time with 2 kids! It was blissful at first and I basked in the joy of just BEING with my kids….after nap snuggles, reading books together, etc. I often find myself now making it more complicated that it should be. A general schedule has helped me enjoy my time at home instead of feeling overwhelmed. Example:
    Monday: Recovery Day (whatever you need to do after the weekend)
    Tuesday: Library Day
    Wednesday: YMCA Day
    Thursday: Errands (groceries, post office, etc.) and Cleaning
    Friday: Mom Chat and RELAX

    This varies based on the time of year as well and ages 🙂 We do school activities in the afternoon as I have a napping baby still. I would like to switch to morning eventually as the kids are fresher and I AM FRESHER and less irritable :-).


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