My Old Testament Faith

I imagine this is what it felt like to live in the Old Testament times.  I can’t fathom how they kept their faith in God when they could not see Him, could not hear Him, and they didn’t know the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit.  We take for granted the idea that those people had to live off of the scriptures that were read to them.  Rarely did they have an experience with God.

That whole concept was so foreign to me.  The past few weeks God has been very silent and yet I feel like I’m hearing from Him.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that right now I am not currently hearing from Him.  I must remember the things He has shared with me all along the way.  Hearing God on a regular basis has sustained me for a long time.  Feeling His presence reassures me that He is near.

Our part is to follow Him even if all we can do is go back to the last truths He gave us and live them out.

I’ve begged God to speak to me and let me feel His presence.  I keep arguing that we are in the middle of our greatest faith journey yet and that we NEED His direction.  For right now I don’t think He’s going to do that in the way I am used to.  This is a learning process to see what our faith is really made of.  The other morning as I was praying I knew there was something heavenly in the room with me but I could not see it (P.S. It would have freaked me out to see something although it’s always been a dream of mine).  I looked up and said, “If you’re there, I can’t see you.”  As I look back on this I am sure there was something there, just as I’m sure there is a whole realm we rarely get the chance to see, but that fact was I couldn’t see it.  I need to believe and remember it is still there even when I can’t see it.

It’s in times like this that I have a greater appreciation for the people in the Old Testament.  Until now, I could not understand why their faith would fail.  I could not understand how they could turn away from this great and powerful God.  I keep looking through my eyes at their situation instead of through their eyes.  I was reading in 1 Samuel 3 today where it said, “This was at a time when the revelation of God was rarely heard or seen.”  I had to go look it up in other translations to make sure that’s what was truly stated!  Can you imagine living fully on the words written in scripture and not having a full on experience with God?

Perhaps that is not so foreign to you.  That could be the life you’ve been living as you hold onto your faith.  I applaud you.  Your faith amazes me!  To each of us I would simply encourage you to keep pursing God no matter what the avenue.  I pray that God will be even more real to you today and that in some way He would share a small nugget with you.

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