Simple Goals=Great Result

I’ve have now spent the last 3 weeks with my dear kids.  24 hours a day/7 days a week.  I’m an introvert that has two boys that like to process externally.  I decided to set some time aside for myself each morning which has been named Mom Time. Last night I set my alarm so that I could go for a walk in the morning.  Because we had such a beautiful morning, I decided to skip the treadmill and head outdoors.

I normally walk for 25-30 minutes to get in my cardio and then do some weights to tone up a bit.  My normal morning on the treadmill will get me to about 1.25 miles, but outdoors I’ll do 2 miles in 30 mins.  That’s a HUGE difference to me!  As I was walking this morning and my nice mapmyrun app told me I had completed a mile, I was surprised at the time again.  I accomplish SO MUCH MORE when I’m outdoors.   It struck me that on the treadmill, I have no place that I’m going.  I’m just marking time in the same spot over and over again.  When I’m outdoors I’m on a mission.  I have to get to that street corner so that I can turn and head East, then another left to head North back towards the house.

This is just like life.  When we have goals we are working towards, we get places and we get there faster.  Even the smallest goal makes the world feel more calm and simplistic.  Sometimes goals come in the form of a summer schedule so that each day the kids are removed from their screens.  Other times, we have to make a specific goal to accomplish a specific thing and then find the way towards that goal.  Goals are apart of each person’s life no matter what stage of life they are in right now.  It could be a goal at home, work, or in your relationships, no matter what there is something you want to do or do better in life.

In my mind, goals are like discipline.  When I decide that I have a goal, it is much easier to discipline myself to work towards that goal with micro-goals.  Each step takes discipline to accomplish the long term goal.  For some reason, long-term discipline has not been a skill I possess.  I’ve been more of an event person.  Give me a specific event to prepare for and I will accomplish it!  But give me a long-term project and it simply takes too long to accomplish and I’ve lost interest by the time we finally see something happen.  The best way to keep myself motivated is to have those micro-goals to keep me moving along.

Have you set some goals for this summer?  What are some goals you are working on right now?  Do you have any micro-goals set in place to help you know you are moving towards your main goal?

Some of my goals:
Be Healthy! (micro-goals are eating healthy and working out 5x/week to retain muscle and keep my heart healthy)
Daily Summer Schedule (micro-goals are the boys not say, “I’m BORED!” and they do more than spend time on their screens)
Time with God (micro-goals are reading my Bible and devotional each day so that God has my heart and ears)
Spend quality time with people we love (micro-goal is doing this each week because people are important)



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  1. Breaking down big goals into small goals is great way to go. Back in my running days I would just aim for the next electric pole, sidewalk, or other landmark. Next thing you know I had ran 13.1 miles.

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