How Does Your 90% Respond?

I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing will be perfect.  I know that might sound simple or harsh to some, but I’ve grown up a perfectionist.  Until March 29, 1998, I felt I was living a perfect life (you can read a bit about that here).  There was a whole lot of great in my life and not a lot of conflict or issues.

Over the last 16 years, I’ve learned that life is not perfect.  There are pros and cons to each situation in life.  You will never find the perfect anything.  For all you perfectionist, I know those were hard sentences to read and you cringed reading them.  Perhaps you even felt anxiety and hyperventilation start to come over you.  I’m sorry to be so harsh and blunt but it is better for us to get that through our perfect little brains.  Life is not perfect.  BUT…our attitude and behavior while walking through this imperfect life is what really matters.

Life Attitude

Over the last few months, my family has made a lot of hard decisions.  Through the process of making decisions, I was continually confronted with the fact that NOTHING was going to be perfect.  Instead of this being a downer, it was actually a release for me.  I knew that no matter what, there would be good and not-so-good that would come from either decision.  For some reason that made decision making WAY easier for me.

It really all came down to my attitude.

It always amazes me that God allows us to go through so much in life and yet he’s really not working on the exterior.  He’s working on our insides.  He’s working on our attitudes and thoughts.  He’s working on our motives.  Hopefully, His work on the interior changes the exterior.

I can’t go back to pre-1998 when everything seemed perfect, but I can take a realistic view at my future and find peace, contentment, and joy with whatever is going on by finding it in God.  Knowing this helps create the best motivation to make the BEST of whatever situation I’m in.  The months ahead will have it’s ups and downs.  Things will work and other things will not.  I don’t have to fret when those things that don’t work out happen.  Instead, I know that my insides are being worked on.  They are under construction.  Beep, beep, beep!  Watch out, I’m on the move!

What areas of your life need an attitude adjustment?  Can you find the pros and let them cover over the cons?

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