My son was laying on the couch today in a pitiful pile of whine.  He hurt so bad.  His head, his stomach, he had dry lips, even thought he might throw up…he was a mess.  So we started talking through the reasons as to WHY he was all messed up.  There was one point that I simply could not believe he was not sick because he was being so lazy and whiny.  I was so convinced he was sick that I got him his pillow, comforter, and Pookie (don’t ask…he might not be happy with my sharing this information) and told him to stay put on the couch.

After a few moments on the couch, he asked me for a sandwich.  Yep, in the end we figured out he was hungry.  Ok, starving was the word he used.  He needed food due to his excessive growing right now.  Fast forward to tonight.  I was laying in bed once again wondering why I feel parched for some sort of resemblance of my former relationship with God.  He and I have been tight.  Super amounts of trust have been SO easy over the last 10 months.  The growth in my life has been a bit much to contain.  I’m sure you men can understand what I mean.

As I was laying in bed, I realized I was starving.  I’m starving for God.  Yes, I’m reading my Bible and praying everyday.  I remember that Sunday School very well.  However, there is something else missing.  I need to hear a message that is going to challenge me.  I want to learn something new about God.  I need to experience His Presence in a loud way.  I need new revelation from Him.  I AM STARVING for more of God.

I imagine most of us can say that, at one time or another, we have been desperately in need of some God food.  We have all been on the edge of starvation.  The things that have nurtured our bodies in the past, are lacking the same value and impact.  So, what do we do?

1. Keep on reading the Bible and praying.

2. Engage in the change.  You cannot eat without lifting the food to your mouth.  You must act.

3. Find inspiration. Ask God to help you find some sermons or talks that will do just that.

4. Turn on the worship.  You can keep your mind on God by simply remembering to PRAISE Him even in the empty times.

5. Find a book.  Well, not any book.  Find a really GOOD book and let it challenge you.

6. Talk with a friend who will encourage you to seek God.  This is not just for extroverts, although I know you all love this one.

No matter what you do, don’t find yourself a comfortable place on the couch.  Didn’t you mom teach you that you can’t eat on the couch?  Especially not while you are laying down!  And certainly do not find your special bear, Pookie.  These are comforts of inactivity.  You perhaps will even find yourself in a pitiful pile of whine if you are not careful.  Your hunger situation is curable.  You need to engage and move the food to your mouth.  God is with you and He wants to share more of Himself with you even right now.


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