Trust Me. Really.

A few days ago I was sitting on the couch as I started my day.  There wasn’t much in particular going on.  Actually nothing at all. I’ve spent months waiting for God to show us what He wants us to do.  I’ve spent months waiting to hear from Him.  I’ve spent months waiting for a yes.  Honestly, I’m a bit tired of the inactivity.  I want to see movement and change.  I want to see it so badly that I would do just about anything to MAKE it happen.  And then these thoughts popped into my head, “Will you trust me if I’m not producing?”  Wow.  Isn’t that a true statement.

In America, if you aren’t producing, you aren’t of worth.  And here was the God of all things asking me this question.  Will I trust Him even if I can’t see Him producing something new.  I realized that I have been waiting for God to produce over the last 6 weeks and I’ve taken my eyes off of who He is and how trustworthy He is.  I had a decision to make at that moment.  I could question if that was God and keep going about my day as if He didn’t speak to me OR I could take a step back and contemplate those words.

The truth is I have a hard time trusting people.  There you go, I said it.  Trust is hard.  Trust is vulnerable.  Being vulnerable means you might get hurt and I don’t like getting hurt.  It really has always been this way for me and now it was getting in the way of trusting God and allowing Him to be in control of my life.

My next step came after an easy decision.  I will trust God.  I literally have to say it out loud many times a day.  This statement is the reminder I need to keep my head on straight.  My eyes are no longer looking at my circumstances, but instead at God.  It was time to refocus and to trust.

So repeat after me, “I trust you, God.”

Is there an area of your life where your trust of God has started to slip?  Can you remember when it started changing?  What happened in your heart when it started?  What can you do now to refocus and trust God?

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