Nope…You Have A New Direction.

Ferris WheelThere has been a lot going on over the last 2 months that I haven’t shared.  Part of me was just simply too tired to keep up parts of this faith journey and sharing all of it can, at times, be a bit too real and painful. Ah! Can someone please let me off this ride?  I’m not gonna lie and say these weeks have been easy, but they have been very revealing.

Two months ago, Bryce and I decided it was important that we take some time to fast and pray.  We had been on a 10 month journey of intense faith lessons and Bryce had a job opportunity in a warm place that was kept calling his name.  We were facing a big change and needed to clearly hear from God.

During our prayer time, we kept telling God this or that.  Asking Him to work in different areas of our current situation.  I was begging God for an answer before school started and we had to decide what to do with our kids education.  I was a bit desperate and it showed.  We sure had a lot to say TO God, but we hadn’t allowed time for God to speak to US.  So we paused and asked God what he wanted to say.

I started reading my Bible and Bryce sat listening.  God told me to ask Bryce what he was thinking.  Just as I looked up, Bryce said, “God’s been showing me something.”  Love it!  It felt like a confirmation.  God speaks to Bryce in pictures and he had just given Bryce a picture of a boss approving of his employee and then giving him a new assignment because of his job well done.  We both believed this was a word for Bryce because of the way he has handled this past 10 months.  It also meant that with this new job assignment, God had some lessons that we were going to still have to learn.

Within 48 hours, Bryce received a call that the sunny job he had interviewed for many times was not offering him the job.  They liked him, but it just wasn’t a good fit.  We agreed with their assessment even before they called.  Once he hung up the phone, there were not any more job prospects out there.  With that no, there were no possibilities for a yes.  Instead of being defeated, we prayed for provision and God met our needs!  Suddenly, there was a huge influx of new clients wanting to work with Bryce.  Even though there was no clear long-term path, we knew God was very present in our lives.

So we went back to waiting.  Yes, waiting is my favorite.  We had a lot to learn and this time, even though it felt like a prison, it was very necessary.  So round and round we went again.  When would this ride ever end?


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