Question: Dream Job, Something You Find to Do, Or Money?

So I have a question for you that’s been running around in my mind for the last (at least) 12 months.  Do we as Americans get stuck in the “dream job” mentality?  Here’s where my questions comes from…I think there are 3 reasons for taking a job.

#1 It’s your dream job that you’ve always wanted.

#2 It is something you love to do and your hands have found a way to do it.

#3 Let’s get back to the basics, you need money to pay the bills and have a little fun.

Do Americans get too hung up on finding their dream job?  These are such 1st World Problems!  So, what is your motive?  How did you get started working at your current job or in your current field?

I’d seriously love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Question: Dream Job, Something You Find to Do, Or Money?

  1. Well all three are the answer – first of all when you find a job you might like # 3 is my first answer – you need to buy groceries and pay bills – then hopefully your job one day like mine will grow into #2 – something you love. Hopefully before you know it your job will grow into #1 – Way back when I wanted to be a teacher – now what do I do ? I teach the hardware store way.

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