My New Mission: Homeschool Teacher

Bryce and I made a big decision concerning our boys’ education this fall.  We decided that I would homeschool them this year.  Before you start to wonder if all this learning about patience and waiting had gotten to us, read on.

Long ago while I was a counselor at camp for some wonderful Jr High girls, God told me something that I needed to do.  I was searching what He wanted me to do with my current life situation now that I had 2 sons.  I was working from home and had the boys with me 24/7.  Having two little ones can be exhausting alone, but we also add a speech and OT issues with me working from home and I was overloaded.  I needed direction and clarity for that time in my life, but what God said to me didn’t fit with the picture I had for myself.  He said, “Raise your boys well.  They are your most important job.”  I know most moms and dads have the same charge, but for some reason I felt that I needed to make them a priority for some unknown specific reason.  For a tired mom, I can’t say those words came as a relief.

Fast forward to this year.  As of April, I did not have a job for the first time since I was 12 (that’s 22 years of working for those of you who are wondering).  I became a full-time mom for the first time when my kids were 9 and 7.  That was so strange and yet so wonderful!  We had a great summer!  There were lots of days at the Zoo, pool, going to parks and the library, doing weekly themed exploring, and so much more.  I can honestly say I am a better mom now than I was 6 months ago and I have really enjoyed it!

Now let’s add the educational layer for why we choose to homeschool.  My boys are both behind in their learning.  Both were in need of extra help at school in math and reading.  Our oldest doesn’t even know what a noun is…boo!  We had growing concerns over the last year.  So many kids at their school were behind and we didn’t see any significant improvement during the year with our boys.  We knew that this year was crucial and they needed to make big improvements to keep up.

Over the years, I have thought many times about homeschooling the boys.  My cousins both were successfully home schooled and have lived wonderful lives not only in school but as adults.  I’ve watched so many wonderful kids come out of a homeschool environment.  The time had just not been right for our family until this year.

Now I am deep into lesson planning, trying to figure out their learning styles, finding the right curriculum to meet their needs, and getting involved in the homeschool community in our town.  We are adding a Man Camp twist into our schooling to make sure these boys are being raised up to be great men.  It has been a rough and beautiful start.  There is so much to learn for all of us.  I have to relearn how to teach my kids after spending my life in public schools!  However, I believe the bond we made this summer is growing each day as we become closer to one another while on this journey.  I know I will cherish these days forever.

So, if you see us around and my boys are calling me Master Jill, just know we are part of the Jedi Academy.  I am their Master and they are my Padawans.  My mission is to grow them into wonderful Jedi who love learning and the Lord.

What unique journey has God called you to?  Did it make sense at the time or was it a bit different than the picture you had for yourself?

2 thoughts on “My New Mission: Homeschool Teacher

  1. I am so excited for you and proud of you!! This will be a wonderful, fun, exciting and exhausting journey! But soooo worth it! The rewards are out of this world!
    Praying for you! Keep seeking the Lord. HE will give you every tool you need for this wonderful task!

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