Waiting. Round 2.

Can you remember back to taking a test in high school or college where you thought you aced the test only to find out you failed miserably?  Did that ever happen to you?  I can think of a few tests that I totally bombed!  You know when you think you’ve passed the test and then realize you actually were not as awesome as you thought?  Yeah.  That realty stinks.

Recently, we were called to wait (AGAIN!).  I’ve learned that I wasn’t living out awesome.  That’s a pretty humbling thing to find out!  What I believed was grand faith, turned out to be truly tested when God set us out on yet another time of waiting.  I have to add in here that I make a decision to have surgery about the same time all this waiting started again. I don’t know who’s grand idea it was to allow me to be emotionally overloaded  while waiting with faith and trusting with patience.  I know the surgery was necessary, but seriously, that was messed up.  Or was it?


I can’t blame all of my emotional issues on my surgery.  I’ve been weeks without a warmish flash.  But the fact is that I started out in a rough place.  Have you ever been dedicated to something and then gotten out of the groove?  Once we stop, it’s SO hard to get back into it!  That was me on so many levels.  Patience, trust, faith, attitude…these all effected how I was dealing with waiting once again.

I know I’m not alone.  Many of you have been waiting far longer than 12 months for your answer.  If you are one of those people, I just want to encourage you to find your way back to patience, trust, faith, and a positive attitude.  Finding your way won’t necessarily be easy.  You are going to make daily, if not hourly, decisions to keep in the right direction.  Your fight right now is to make sure you are on the right track.  The best part is that we have God working with us each step of the way.  He is right beside you cheering for you.  YOU CAN DO THIS!

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