Is It Bigger and Better? Cause That’s The American Dream

How many times have you heard to shoot for the stars? That good is the enemy of great? You can be anything you want to be as long as you work hard? I’ve struggled for years with these comments. I feel they are confusing, misleading, and destructive to living out successful daily lives.

While I believe I can be a great, star shooting, hard worker, I also know that those goals can cause me to be focused on myself and my greatness. Our goal needs to be finding the God right thing for us, not the biggest and brightest thing. So many times I see people looking for a bigger stage, better pay, or a bigger title. These things are not sinful when God leads you to them and promotes you. The greatest leaders I know, realize their greatness comes from knowing and loving God and then living out whatever He puts before them.

Recently, my boys have been competing a lot and its been causing a lot of destruction in our family. We talk a lot about being on Team Moltumyr. They are part of the team and need to play there part, not compete against each other. I told them, “The Bible says we are the BODY of Christ. That each one of us is a part of that body. You know if we were all mouths, there would be no ears to hear what we were saying.” The same goes for us. If we were all __(fill in the blank)__, there would be too many of us. We need to live our life, not the life of someone else.

Your God life is better than anything we could have ever dreamed up, but it is not always bigger. Bigger and better are not sinful when God promotes you to them. However, when they are your end goal, to have a bigger and better whatever to lift YOU up, that is sin and idolatry.

Who has God made you to be? Are you trying to be a copy or an original?

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