When I was getting ready for bed on Tuesday night, I just had this feeling that Wednesday was going to be a rough day. I was sad the next day was coming and didn’t know what to do with it. When I woke up Wednesday, that was the first feeling I had upon opening my eyes. I did not want to greet the day. While life had been busy the first half of the week, I know (now!) that Wednesday just made me feel behind. I had not accomplished the “normal” things on my list from Monday and Tuesday. The library books were still sitting by the door needing to be returned. And being that behind just makes me feel overwhelmed.

There’s a word that keep popping up in my head as I tried to process
why I felt so gross and it is the word FEEL. 

While feelings can be great, they can also lead me down a dangerous path. For much of my life I’ve allowed feelings to dictate my day and how good or not so good it was. Wednesday was different. I chose JOY.


I can no longer allow these negative, overwhelming feelings to rule my day. Instead of giving into the feelings of being SO behind (see what I did there with the dramatic negative nature of that statement), I have to rise above the feelings and get to what needs to be done about it. So yesterday I read my Bible (GAME CHANGER!), we did school, I cleared out the flower beds in the back, the kids started a stick fort in the back yard, laundry was washed an folded (thank God for clean underware!), we got groceries, light bulbs, softener salt, and new shoes for the boys, and dinner was in the crock pot before 4pm. Take that Wednesday that’s gonna be rough and ugly because I felt overwhelmed.

Now the library books are still waiting to be returned and so is the Redbox movie we rented on Monday, but hey, we can just add that to today’s adventures.

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