Here in Minnesota it seems like the winters last forever. The cold and dark surround us for months without many moments of relief. For the majority of this past winter, I hoped for a place where winter, well, where it was nonexistent.

Each morning I get up just before my husband leaves to make him coffee and see him off to work. I can’t say there’s anything I need to get up for at 6:30am, but I love him and love our few minutes together. For so long I would wave to him as he drove down the street, knowing he was waving back even though I couldn’t see it.

That darkness lasted SO long. Months and months of looking and hoping to see that hand wave. While I knew he was waving, I wanted to see it. I wanted to see him returning that sweet moment and see that he cared as well.

Even before real spring had come, I noticed how quickly I could now see him waving back at me. It literally felt like overnight! All of a sudden we could see each other. Not even the time change could have much of an effect on us.


I write all this to encourage us. As life goes with its seasons, remember that while the winters seem SO long, it’s amazing how fast the light of spring comes. Don’t give up. Don’t let the darkness of the winter season in life hold you back. Your season will too change so quickly before your eyes.

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