Tie Your Shoes

When I started writing on here, one of my goals was to be transparent about my life. I write here whenever I am inspired and can share it. Over the winter I didn’t post much because I was going through a deep refining time that was extremely personal. My inspirations are written down on numerous pieces of paper and journals (yes, I finished one journal and had to start writing in another) that perhaps will be shared in some manner in the future.

Today, I wanted to share with you one area of my life that you wouldn’t see by just looking at me. I have two unique kiddos. I know all kids are unique and have their own awesomeness, but mine are unique in a different way. My oldest has been in Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy over the years. He is in the process of being tested for a few issues that get in the way of his learning. My youngest is still trying to learn to read and being tested for reading related issues. We have a lot going on outside of normal, everyday life. Many days I feel behind even though I’m doing my best.

photoLast week we had a great break through. While out running errands, my oldest (Mr. L) asked to get regular sneakers. You know, the kind you tie. It might seem like an odd thing to write about, but for him it was a HUGE deal. You see, he just learned to tie his shoes a few months ago. He’s 10. I’ve tried different ways of teaching him to tie his shoes, but nothing took. Mr. L has a hard time crossing the midline which makes tying his shoes and riding his bike difficult. (Ok, enough of the mild pity party I’m having in my mind because this all FEELS hard and now back to the point.)

I think I have a couple points šŸ™‚

1. I’m a proud Mama.
2. Celebrate your kid’s wins.
3. Keep fighting FOR your kids.
4. When your kid asks for somethingĀ and you can do it, say yes.
5. Finally, if your kiddo is struggling and you need help teaching them to tie shoes, here is aĀ GREAT video. Both my boys used this to learn how to tie their shoes.

P.S. He picked these out because he said, “If I were a pair of shoes, this is what I would look like. These colors are so me.” Love my boys so much. No more pity parties.

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