You are Unique (in all the good ways!)

For awhile now I’ve been looking around at the unique people in my life. Some I know, some I simply observe. These people are pretty amazing. They have skills many don’t possess because while each of us is unique, a greater emphasis is put on their uniqueness.

There’s a boy at my church who is super motivated. He is always volunteering and looking for more ways to help. People could look at his intensity and perhaps get frustrated, but I see a willing soul who gets the vision of giving to others. While I don’t know him or his parents well, I can see that they have allowed him to flourish.

There’s another man I know who struggled growing up in the traditional school setting. I’m sure you would know a similar man. Brilliant guy. Determined. Great leader. Now think of those skills for him when he was a child. We could have called him obstinate, unwilling to listen to authority, and defiant. I see a man who continues to impress me with his greatness in all he does.

My concern is that as adults and parents, we do not clip the wings of these kids. 

I know parenting a child can be difficult and many of us have added uniqueness to work with. Finding and seeing kid’s strengths takes a lot of time and attention. Our goal as adults needs to be seeing the world through their unique lens. We can look at how this special situation or talent can be used as an adult. If we try too hard to reign in our kids, instead of helping them grow into strong, successful adults, we could delay their success.

Literally, I’m sitting here with a lump in my throat trying not to cry and a desire to punch this stigma in the throat. Guys, we have to lift kids up. We have to work WITH them, not AGAINST them!

To the unique people reading this, embrace your awesome skills. Be the best writer, painter, designer, computer coder, system maker, chef, or building designer genius you can be. DO NOT believe the lie that YOU and your uniqueness are in any way a deficit. We need you. We need more of you. Show us what you’ve got!

To all the parents with unique kids, you are amazing. Don’t let the shamers get you down. They (family, adults without kids who just don’t know, and even medical professionals) don’t understand your situation the same way you do. You live this out everyday. Keep lovin your kids and working with them.

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