Is it funny now that this is my word this year? Who would have known back at the end of 2014 that this year would require so much embracing. It’s hard, not gonna sugar coat that at all. God is asking me to take my old ways and trade them out for new ways. Have you ever had to do that? For me, it goes against what I WANT to do.

God has been using many things in my life to work on me, but I know I want to go all in with this thing he’s doing in my life. I want to find a place to hang my hat and really do a great job of being present there. I want to live a purposeful life void of American busyness. To do that, I have to remember what is important to me and what God has called me to do. So how in the world do I plan to do that?

I need to get past the people pleasing and be who I am. God is bringing me to a place and a time because he needs ME. He doesn’t need some twisted version of who I think people need me to be. I can’t do all things, but I can do all things through Christ because he has called me to do them according to his purpose. That’s where I flourish. Which leads to my next goal: to focus on what I love and what I’m gifted in and do those things VERY well. No more pretending, you’re just gonna get the real me. This still requires a bit of discovery, but I’m sure I’ll get there. I will embrace my things, enjoy them, and thrive in them because they are my things.

My every day schedule has been a constant source of focus this last year. I get to say yes or no to many things. I can only find my answer once I decide if whats being asked of me fits with what I’m suppose to be doing. While I think I should be all things to all people, I can’t. Someone has to be the eye and someone has to be the ear so that the whole body can function properly. I can’t truly love and value people without appreciating that we all play a part in this thing called life. My final goal is that people are more important than things, work demands, and schedules any day of the week. I’m so very in love with schedules and rules that I become rigid when the creatives in my life start doing their thing. God, help me to see more beauty because of their influence in my life.

As I’ve entered a new time of life in Tennessee, I find that I struggle just the same now as I did before but my goals are still the same. My focus is the same. I want to know God because then I can really know who I am. Through knowing God and myself, I can finally see what a day of living and loving is going to look like for me. As I live these out each day, I’m certain I’ll find my place in this world (you’re welcome Michael W. Smith fans).

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