Obedience Looks Good On Us

Over the last few months, we’ve heard some sweet compliments from people. They have told us we look good and happy. It’s funny, because these people didn’t even know what was going on in our lives. We were in the midst of a trust fall that could have been bringing such turmoil to our lives as we were preparing to pack up our house and leave everything we know to move to a new-to-us world.

There was one Sunday morning (and many since) that Bryce and I told each other that obedience looks good on us. We were resolved to the obedience we had chosen.

Obedience is a choice. We choose to obey our parents (or not!) at a young age. Then as adults we chose to obey the laws and rules around us on the roads, at work, and so many other places in our lives. If we have a faith in God, we chose to obey what is written in the Bible or what God has asked us to do. We get a choice.

Prior to my family’s decision to follow God and move to Tennessee, God was working obedience with me. Actually, it always been something we’ve had going but He’s been working on it a bit more lately. Last year when there was nothing on the horizon and it didn’t make sense financially, I obeyed God when He said it was time for me to stop working. I obeyed when He told me I couldn’t get a new job because that wasn’t what that time was about. I obeyed when He told me to give money we didn’t have available to people He wanted to have it.

While those are big examples, my obedience started much smaller. There was one time I felt a nudge that I should bring my extra set of keys with me when I left the house. I didn’t need them because I already had my regular keys, but I took the extra 30 seconds and went back in to get them. Upon returning to the house hours later, both my boys (probably ages 2 and 4 at the time) were sleeping. I was able to keep them warm in the running car while using the extra set of keys to unlock the door to the house. It sounds almost too simplistic, but it was a moment where I felt like God was saying, “See, you can trust me.” Of course, that was just the beginning of our little journey as there would be many more times to choose to obey.

Many view obedience as submission and while I guess that is true, for me it’s more about trust. I trust God because I know He knows more than I do (I’ve seen Him work, so don’t worry He’s got this!). I also know that obedience brings a freedom that I can barely put into words, but it’s beautiful.

Our obedience didn’t come easily. There was a lot of long term dedication involved to know God, hear God, and trust Him. However, I can guarantee you the dedication and work was and is worth it.

What next step could you take today towards being obedient? Can you hear and trust that still, small voice speaking to you? I pray that you will take your next step in obedience.

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