New Town, New State, New Everything

Many times I don’t know what to do, what to say. Parenting is the hardest jobs I’ve ever had. There seriously needs to be a more detailed book full of rules for me to follow. Seriously, I would love that. But then that instruction manual would most definitely have to be customized because each child is different. So no, that won’t work. I honestly never knew how much I loved rules and standards until I became a parent and had NO IDEA what I was doing.

Moving to a new town in a new state with a new everything has been a bit overwhelming. It’s like becoming a parent all over again. As I think back, it was probably about 10 years ago that I did my last big jump of faith. There have been many others along the way, but none have been so intense that I’ve jumped without knowing if there was anything on the other side that was familiar or known to me.

I realized how much I liked my routines. Now I have to figure out if Krogers or Food Bank will have the food we like to eat. The Target in town has very little food and certainly not the same assortment of tree hugger, organic-loving food ours had in Northfield.

Some of you have NO IDEA the trauma (yes, autocorrect tried to make that drama…I got it) this has caused in my life. Yet, I’m trying to look at this a different way. I get to try new restaurants and see if I like them. I get to pursue new foods at new grocery stores as well. I get to find the pools and parks where we can enjoy some time outside. I get to figure out which school setting is best for my kids. I get to see new places I would NEVER gone before.

Instead of letting this all stress me out cause my boxes are all set and the parameters are not create, I want to embrace what’s going on. There is so much new to discover.

So, here are some positives so far:
I love seeing the foothills and driving up and down them as they begin to roll.
I love that my new town has a Habitat ReStore, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, a mall, and many places to shop for the supplies I need for the new house.
I love the farmer’s market downtown on Saturdays (they have really good sweets too!)
I love that our new church values prayer and people. The do a great job of making these a priority in daily life.
I love that the services at church allow the time and space for God to work and touch lives.
I love that Bryce is only 3 minutes away when he’s working at church.

I’m learning to love and appreciate life here. I know each of our lives have stages. The important thing is that we remain flexible and willing to work WITH the new stage. Are you going through a new stage in your life? How could you be flexible and willing to work with this new stage?

There is no book for this, but there is a God who will walk through it all with us. Make sure you are staying connected with Him and he will be the best guide you could ask for.

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