Mountaintop Jumpers

Smoky Mountain Air Show
Kids Play

These are the experiences in life that we seek, these are the mountaintops. The grand expressions of the importance of our lives. This way of life can leave us exhausted. I do not believe this is where we are meant to live.

In my short years here on Earth, I’ve come to realize most of my life is spent in-between mountaintops. I will, or should, spend more time between the starting up that mountain and reaching the top than I will sitting there enjoying the view. This climb takes time and perseverance. Hopefully, it will take days, weeks, months, and perhaps even years to get to the top. There will be some trees along the way. The path may be slightly trampled from previous travelers so that can help lead us up towards the top unless we see them doubling back. Don’t worry about the stream. There’s a way across it, but it will take time to come up with a plan. Then those rocky areas that seem to be a little hazardous pop up. It’s ok. That means it’s time to climb.

My journal says, “Enjoy the journey” on the front cover. I’m intentionally trying to pace myself to embrace each tree, stream, and rocky area. As social media has invaded my life, I’ve noticed that it has also changed my view of a good life. I truly believe marketing and the addition of social media into our lives has fed the lack the contentment or lack of purpose in our American lives.

If you follow me on any social media, you will notice I don’t post often. Well, that’s because I’ve been slowing down my life. I’m not chasing big highs. I’m chasing the boys jumping on the trampoline, spending time with friends, and learning something new about God each day. While I feel busier than ever, I’m busy chasing the things that matter to my family instead of something post worthy.  

I wonder if as a society we could slow down and embrace the regular, everyday life. It can happen when we find beauty in the process and enjoy the journey. While you don’t need it, you have my permission to slow down. Love people, embrace the journey, and take a deep breath. 

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