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When I started writing it was with the hopes that I could inspire people to take time and understand who they are, what makes them tick, and why they do the things they do.  It was also extremely important to me that we create space in our lives to do this for the people around us…especially our dear friends and loved ones.

My personal discovery of who I am took YEARS.  I was a late bloomer, hidden under years of people pleasing.  There were a lot of layers to peel back so that I could really see myself in the way that God sees me.  I’m so thankful for a clearer picture of who He has made me to be so that I can live out the purpose He has for my life.

I’ve also spent years trying to understand my husband because I have vowed to have and to hold him for the rest of my life.  Then came the babies and oh how I needed to understand them.  It is our greatest job as parents to really know our kids and help them become the most well developed version of them that they can be.

Now I am on a journey to help others see who they are and then successfully live it out.  If you need someone to walk beside you on that journey, I encourage you to check out my blog and then click on Consulting so that we can begin our journey together.  I hope you will be inspired to live your life to the fullest.

Christ Follower. Wife. Mother. Pastor. Counselor. Strategic Thinker. Analyzer. Problem Solver. Servant Leader.

Things I love…brunch, grilled food, sharing a meal with my friends, the fabulous 3 men in my family, sun on my skin, time spent learning more about my Lord, deep conversations, a good book, and a warm hot tub.

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