Here in Minnesota it seems like the winters last forever. The cold and dark surround us for months without many moments of relief. For the majority of this past winter, I hoped for a place where winter, well, where it was nonexistent. Each morning I get up just before my husband leaves to make him coffee and see him off to work. I can’t say there’s anything I need to get up for at 6:30am, but I love him and love our few minutes together. For so long I would wave to him as he drove down the street, knowing … Continue reading 

Guard Your Heart

I’m sitting here reading through Numbers 29 with all the instructions on which offerings they had to give when and it gives me such anxiety. It literally is so beyond me that I can’t help but skim over this chapter, but then I feel guilty for skimming because I should want to read all of this. Ah! I’m overwhelmed just reading it, I can’t imagine living it out! “Performance Anxiety.” Those are the words that pop into my head. I’ve gotten over my stage fright, but this performance anxiety goes much deeper. This anxiety doesn’t come from performing, but not performing … Continue reading 

My Christian Bubble

I’m a Christian with Christian friends who attends a Christian Church and worked with Christian people.  Sadly, it is not even on my radar that people do not have the same knowledge about God.  Honestly, I’ve sat at this computer with many rewrites because I don’t know how to express my thoughts on this unfortunate subject.  I grew up a Christian surrounded by like-minded Christians.  It was natural for all of them to have the same thoughts and feelings as me.  There was no question where they would find their strength, wisdom, peace, joy, and where they would turn in … Continue reading 

Decision Making WITHOUT Guessing

Many of us Christians spend more time analyzing what is going on in their lives, than praying to God and asking Him to lead them.  Let me unpack that statement.  Have you ever made a decision and then questioned whether or not God was in it?  Then you look to what happens (due to that decision) to judge whether or not you were correct?  Ah!  What a horrible way to test your decision!  Or perhaps, that is the problem right there.  It was your decision.  You made it thinking that was where God was leading you due to this or that, … Continue reading 

My New Mission: Homeschool Teacher

Bryce and I made a big decision concerning our boys’ education this fall.  We decided that I would homeschool them this year.  Before you start to wonder if all this learning about patience and waiting had gotten to us, read on. Long ago while I was a counselor at camp for some wonderful Jr High girls, God told me something that I needed to do.  I was searching what He wanted me to do with my current life situation now that I had 2 sons.  I was working from home and had the boys with me 24/7.  Having two little … Continue reading 

Waiting. Round 2.

Can you remember back to taking a test in high school or college where you thought you aced the test only to find out you failed miserably?  Did that ever happen to you?  I can think of a few tests that I totally bombed!  You know when you think you’ve passed the test and then realize you actually were not as awesome as you thought?  Yeah.  That realty stinks. Recently, we were called to wait (AGAIN!).  I’ve learned that I wasn’t living out awesome.  That’s a pretty humbling thing to find out!  What I believed was grand faith, turned out to … Continue reading