Mountaintop Jumpers

Smoky Mountain Air Show Kids Play Vacation Promotion These are the experiences in life that we seek, these are the mountaintops. The grand expressions of the importance of our lives.┬áThis way of life can leave us exhausted. I do not believe this is where we are meant to live. In my short years here on Earth, I’ve come to realize most of my life is spent in-between mountaintops. I will, or should, spend more time between the starting up that mountain and reaching the top than I will sitting there enjoying the view. This climb takes time and perseverance. Hopefully, … Continue reading 

New Town, New State, New Everything

Many times I don’t know what to do, what to say. Parenting is the hardest jobs I’ve ever had. There seriously needs to be a more detailed book full of rules for me to follow. Seriously, I would love that. But then that instruction manual would most definitely have to be customized because each child is different. So no, that won’t work. I honestly never knew how much I loved rules and standards until I became a parent and had NO IDEA what I was doing. Moving to a new town in a new state with a new everything has … Continue reading 


Is it funny now that this is my word this year? Who would have known back at the end of 2014 that this year would require so much embracing. It’s hard, not gonna sugar coat that at all. God is asking me to take my old ways and trade them out for new ways. Have you ever had to do that? For me, it goes against what I WANT to do. God has been using many things in my life to work on me, but I know I want to go all in with this thing he’s doing in my … Continue reading 

The Zone

This week I was chatting with a friend who will be moving this coming week. He and his family are on a faith journey very similar to ours. He and his wife build my faith each time we chat and I’m so thankful to walk out our faith journeys together! As he and I were chatting this morning, I told him that I don’t know how to do this whole thing because it all just feels so different.┬áLet me explain. I have been known to be a planner. I have been known to charge forward and make decisions. However, this … Continue reading 

We are Tennessee Bound!

I have some of the craziest, best news to share with you all. My family is moving to Tennessee! (I really need to learn where the double ee’s belong because that took way too many times to type!) This story still leaves me a bit speechless, but I’ll do my best to tell you the amazing God things going on. Well, it all started 18 years ago. No, I’m not joking! For those of us who would like to know now all the parts of our future, well, just stop. It just doesn’t work like that. We had no idea … Continue reading 

You are Unique (in all the good ways!)

For awhile now I’ve been looking around at the unique people in my life. Some I know, some I simply observe. These people are pretty amazing. They have skills many don’t possess because while each of us is unique, a greater emphasis is put on their uniqueness. There’s a boy at my church who is super motivated. He is always volunteering and looking for more ways to help. People could look at his intensity and perhaps get frustrated, but I see a willing soul who gets the vision of giving to others. While I don’t know him or his parents … Continue reading