Tie Your Shoes

When I started writing on here, one of my goals was to be transparent about my life. I write here whenever I am inspired and can share it. Over the winter I didn’t post much because I was going through a deep refining time that was extremely personal. My inspirations are written down on numerous pieces of paper and journals (yes, I finished one journal and had to start writing in another) that perhaps will be shared in some manner in the future. Today, I wanted to share with you one area of my life that you wouldn’t see by … Continue reading 


Here in Minnesota it seems like the winters last forever. The cold and dark surround us for months without many moments of relief. For the majority of this past winter, I hoped for a place where winter, well, where it was nonexistent. Each morning I get up just before my husband leaves to make him coffee and see him off to work. I can’t say there’s anything I need to get up for at 6:30am, but I love him and love our few minutes together. For so long I would wave to him as he drove down the street, knowing … Continue reading 

Guard Your Heart

I’m sitting here reading through Numbers 29 with all the instructions on which offerings they had to give when and it gives me such anxiety. It literally is so beyond me that I can’t help but skim over this chapter, but then I feel guilty for skimming because I should want to read all of this. Ah! I’m overwhelmed just reading it, I can’t imagine living it out! “Performance Anxiety.” Those are the words that pop into my head. I’ve gotten over my stage fright, but this performance anxiety goes much deeper. This anxiety doesn’t come from performing, but not performing … Continue reading 

My New Mission: Homeschool Teacher

Bryce and I made a big decision concerning our boys’ education this fall.  We decided that I would homeschool them this year.  Before you start to wonder if all this learning about patience and waiting had gotten to us, read on. Long ago while I was a counselor at camp for some wonderful Jr High girls, God told me something that I needed to do.  I was searching what He wanted me to do with my current life situation now that I had 2 sons.  I was working from home and had the boys with me 24/7.  Having two little … Continue reading 


My son was laying on the couch today in a pitiful pile of whine.  He hurt so bad.  His head, his stomach, he had dry lips, even thought he might throw up…he was a mess.  So we started talking through the reasons as to WHY he was all messed up.  There was one point that I simply could not believe he was not sick because he was being so lazy and whiny.  I was so convinced he was sick that I got him his pillow, comforter, and Pookie (don’t ask…he might not be happy with my sharing this information) and … Continue reading 

Check Out Bridging the Gap

I was recently asked to write for Bridging the Gap’s blog which is run by the Minnesota District Assembly of God Women’s Department. I would love for you to check out not only what I wrote, but also other posts by the lovely ladies at mnbtg.org.  There are articles on faith, relationships, life issues, health/wellness, just laughs, and many more topics.