Emotional Overload

*Lots of chocolate may have been consumed in the last week along with powered sugar donuts. Please know that I am ok and will be just fine.  No need to worry…except for soon-to-be depleted availability of  chocolate.  You may want to grab your stashed chocolate as you read this because it may be the end to ability to find chocolate. Walking through a time that calls for great faith is hard enough.  There are great emotions.  For us right now, it seems like we are always waiting on something which causes a large emotional demand.  First for a call for an interview. … Continue reading 

To Dye For

Who knew food dye could be so bad for us?  Well, 2 years ago I had no idea.  My oldest was just done with Kindergarten and about to enter 1st grade.  Near the end of Kindergarten, his teacher (who I very much trust) told me that if he continued down the same path of interrupting and impulsive behavior that he was going to be tested for ADHD.  I don’t believe any young child with mild symptoms should be stamped with a label so I decided it was time to do some research. I had read through Jenny McCarthy’s book on … Continue reading