Mountaintop Jumpers

Smoky Mountain Air Show Kids Play Vacation Promotion These are the experiences in life that we seek, these are the mountaintops. The grand expressions of the importance of our lives. This way of life can leave us exhausted. I do not believe this is where we are meant to live. In my short years here on Earth, I’ve come to realize most of my life is spent in-between mountaintops. I will, or should, spend more time between the starting up that mountain and reaching the top than I will sitting there enjoying the view. This climb takes time and perseverance. Hopefully, … Continue reading 

We are Tennessee Bound!

I have some of the craziest, best news to share with you all. My family is moving to Tennessee! (I really need to learn where the double ee’s belong because that took way too many times to type!) This story still leaves me a bit speechless, but I’ll do my best to tell you the amazing God things going on. Well, it all started 18 years ago. No, I’m not joking! For those of us who would like to know now all the parts of our future, well, just stop. It just doesn’t work like that. We had no idea … Continue reading 


My son was laying on the couch today in a pitiful pile of whine.  He hurt so bad.  His head, his stomach, he had dry lips, even thought he might throw up…he was a mess.  So we started talking through the reasons as to WHY he was all messed up.  There was one point that I simply could not believe he was not sick because he was being so lazy and whiny.  I was so convinced he was sick that I got him his pillow, comforter, and Pookie (don’t ask…he might not be happy with my sharing this information) and … Continue reading 

Random Thoughts on a Busy Week

1. It’s hard to have a schedule and order my daily life when it keeps changing.  I need to find the constant at home instead of what happens outside of it. 2. Some of the things I can’t take with me into my future are hard to deal with because they are inside me.  Right now, God is dealing with my pride.  It’s the cousin to insecurity and sometimes they are hard to tell apart.  They have been apart of major life decisions from the time I was a kid and they have been a bad compass for me to … Continue reading 

Obedient Actions=Peace

I’m sitting here a little stumped right now.  I’ve never been in this position before in my adult life.  This is the 1st time since I was 12-years-old that I haven’t had a job. I’m a worker who comes from a long line of workers.  We don’t tend to vacation the way other people vacation.  My parents tend to fill our vacations with an activity or adventure each day.  Please do not read that as a complaint…I’ve seen and done A LOT of wonderful things in my life.  We are on the go and accomplishing something all the time.  But … Continue reading 

Death to the Rumors (My Side of the Story)

I’ve been hearing there are rumors going around about what happened with me as my employment ended at Canvas.  I want to take a few minutes here to address them.  I’ve heard that I was forced out, that both Bryce and I are completely unemployed and without money.  Two words for all of that…NOT TRUE! These rumors are not only hurtful to me but hurtful to the church and they need to STOP.  If you hear them, tell them to come to me or read this blog so that they have TRUTH instead of speculation.  I will not allow my … Continue reading