Tie Your Shoes

When I started writing on here, one of my goals was to be transparent about my life. I write here whenever I am inspired and can share it. Over the winter I didn’t post much because I was going through a deep refining time that was extremely personal. My inspirations are written down on numerous pieces of paper and journals (yes, I finished one journal and had to start writing in another) that perhaps will be shared in some manner in the future. Today, I wanted to share with you one area of my life that you wouldn’t see by … Continue reading 


When I was getting ready for bed on Tuesday night, I just had this feeling that Wednesday was going to be a rough day. I was sad the next day was coming and didn’t know what to do with it. When I woke up Wednesday, that was the first feeling I had upon opening my eyes. I did not want to greet the day. While life had been busy the first half of the week, I know (now!) that Wednesday just made me feel behind. I had not accomplished the “normal” things on my list from Monday and Tuesday. The … Continue reading 

My New Mission: Homeschool Teacher

Bryce and I made a big decision concerning our boys’ education this fall.  We decided that I would homeschool them this year.  Before you start to wonder if all this learning about patience and waiting had gotten to us, read on. Long ago while I was a counselor at camp for some wonderful Jr High girls, God told me something that I needed to do.  I was searching what He wanted me to do with my current life situation now that I had 2 sons.  I was working from home and had the boys with me 24/7.  Having two little … Continue reading