Is It Bigger and Better? Cause That’s The American Dream

How many times have you heard to shoot for the stars? That good is the enemy of great? You can be anything you want to be as long as you work hard? I’ve struggled for years with these comments. I feel they are confusing, misleading, and destructive to living out successful daily lives. While I believe I can be a great, star shooting, hard worker, I also know that those goals can cause me to be focused on myself and my greatness. Our goal needs to be finding the God right thing for us, not the biggest and brightest thing. … Continue reading 

Question: Dream Job, Something You Find to Do, Or Money?

So I have a question for you that’s been running around in my mind for the last (at least) 12 months.  Do we as Americans get stuck in the “dream job” mentality?  Here’s where my questions comes from…I think there are 3 reasons for taking a job. #1 It’s your dream job that you’ve always wanted. #2 It is something you love to do and your hands have found a way to do it. #3 Let’s get back to the basics, you need money to pay the bills and have a little fun. Do Americans get too hung up on finding … Continue reading 

Emotional Overload

*Lots of chocolate may have been consumed in the last week along with powered sugar donuts. Please know that I am ok and will be just fine.  No need to worry…except for soon-to-be depleted availability of  chocolate.  You may want to grab your stashed chocolate as you read this because it may be the end to ability to find chocolate. Walking through a time that calls for great faith is hard enough.  There are great emotions.  For us right now, it seems like we are always waiting on something which causes a large emotional demand.  First for a call for an interview. … Continue reading 

Random Thoughts on a Busy Week

1. It’s hard to have a schedule and order my daily life when it keeps changing.  I need to find the constant at home instead of what happens outside of it. 2. Some of the things I can’t take with me into my future are hard to deal with because they are inside me.  Right now, God is dealing with my pride.  It’s the cousin to insecurity and sometimes they are hard to tell apart.  They have been apart of major life decisions from the time I was a kid and they have been a bad compass for me to … Continue reading 

Transition Tuesday: Transition vs What You See

Transition is a true testing grounds for who we are and the depth of our faith.  It is the place where our trust and faith grow if we will take the time to learn as we walk through the process.  Transition also brings a time of testing where what we see is not always what we expected.  It may not be the vision that God gave you just yet, but hold on. Right now my husband and I are walking through this time.  We know God is up to something…we just are not sure yet what that something is in … Continue reading 

Transition Tuesday: Transition vs Fear

When you are walking into or walking through a transitional period in life, one of the things you will combat is FEAR.  This is a somewhat natural reaction people have to change and it can also be a tool that Satan uses to derail us from what God’s wanting to do. Perhaps its a fear of change in general.  How will your kids adjust to this new things? Are you choosing the right thing?  Are you sure you’re hearing from God? These questions paralyze us and inhibit us from making the correct choices.  You can’t make a God-guided decision when … Continue reading