Is it funny now that this is my word this year? Who would have known back at the end of 2014 that this year would require so much embracing. It’s hard, not gonna sugar coat that at all. God is asking me to take my old ways and trade them out for new ways. Have you ever had to do that? For me, it goes against what I WANT to do. God has been using many things in my life to work on me, but I know I want to go all in with this thing he’s doing in my … Continue reading 


Here in Minnesota it seems like the winters last forever. The cold and dark surround us for months without many moments of relief. For the majority of this past winter, I hoped for a place where winter, well, where it was nonexistent. Each morning I get up just before my husband leaves to make him coffee and see him off to work. I can’t say there’s anything I need to get up for at 6:30am, but I love him and love our few minutes together. For so long I would wave to him as he drove down the street, knowing … Continue reading 

Is It Bigger and Better? Cause That’s The American Dream

How many times have you heard to shoot for the stars? That good is the enemy of great? You can be anything you want to be as long as you work hard? I’ve struggled for years with these comments. I feel they are confusing, misleading, and destructive to living out successful daily lives. While I believe I can be a great, star shooting, hard worker, I also know that those goals can cause me to be focused on myself and my greatness. Our goal needs to be finding the God right thing for us, not the biggest and brightest thing. … Continue reading 

Nope…You Have A New Direction.

There has been a lot going on over the last 2 months that I haven’t shared.  Part of me was just simply too tired to keep up parts of this faith journey and sharing all of it can, at times, be a bit too real and painful. Ah! Can someone please let me off this ride?  I’m not gonna lie and say these weeks have been easy, but they have been very revealing. Two months ago, Bryce and I decided it was important that we take some time to fast and pray.  We had been on a 10 month journey … Continue reading 

Question: Dream Job, Something You Find to Do, Or Money?

So I have a question for you that’s been running around in my mind for the last (at least) 12 months.  Do we as Americans get stuck in the “dream job” mentality?  Here’s where my questions comes from…I think there are 3 reasons for taking a job. #1 It’s your dream job that you’ve always wanted. #2 It is something you love to do and your hands have found a way to do it. #3 Let’s get back to the basics, you need money to pay the bills and have a little fun. Do Americans get too hung up on finding … Continue reading 

Make a Life

I think I’ve finally figured out my obsession with the South.  Last night I watched a movie called “Finding Normal” and it kinda solidified my feelings.  I equate the South with Simplicity.  Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m not calling the South simple.  Movies portray the South as more laid back, easy going, and living the old American way of life.  Who doesn’t want that!  I kinda do a lot. The last few weeks of unemployment have been so awesome!  I had 5 people ask me on Sunday how I was liking being done and you know what?  I LOVE it. … Continue reading