Transition Tuesday: Transition vs What You See

Transition is a true testing grounds for who we are and the depth of our faith.  It is the place where our trust and faith grow if we will take the time to learn as we walk through the process.  Transition also brings a time of testing where what we see is not always what we expected.  It may not be the vision that God gave you just yet, but hold on. Right now my husband and I are walking through this time.  We know God is up to something…we just are not sure yet what that something is in … Continue reading 

Transition Tuesdays: Transition vs 1st Step Prep

I want to take time to walk us through some of the steps that happen when you are in transition.  So many of us in the United States live in a level of transition each day.  Life in the US changes quickly.   Today we are going to start with Transition vs The 1st Step.  I hope you are inspired to grab ahold of whatever new and exciting thing is going on in your life.  I believe God is doing a lot of great things and I’m so happy we all get to be part of them. My family spent … Continue reading 

Death to the Rumors (My Side of the Story)

I’ve been hearing there are rumors going around about what happened with me as my employment ended at Canvas.  I want to take a few minutes here to address them.  I’ve heard that I was forced out, that both Bryce and I are completely unemployed and without money.  Two words for all of that…NOT TRUE! These rumors are not only hurtful to me but hurtful to the church and they need to STOP.  If you hear them, tell them to come to me or read this blog so that they have TRUTH instead of speculation.  I will not allow my … Continue reading 

Who’s In The #1 Spot?

The last 2 weeks have been very interesting for me.  As my work at church has ended, I’ve found myself lost.  Somehow my identity had fused with my employment status. I found my security in a position instead of in God.  Who is the ultimate provider for my life?  GOD.  Who is the one who leads and guides me each day? GOD.  Where does my strength, hope, and peace come from?  GOD.  No position can provide that for me.  God leads me and guides me.  If I get my focus off Him and onto a title, that becomes an idol. … Continue reading 

BIG Faith…New Beginnings

Over the last few weeks my life has completely changed.  I went from living by big faith to living out that faith.   Bryce and I have both been serving at Canvas Church for the last 2-1/2 years.  I was brought on staff 10 months ago to help with the administration needs.  My main goals were to create systems and structure to help the church as we continued to move forward and grow.  I’m happy to say I was able to accomplish those goals. A few months ago, God started doing something big in the Moltumyr house.  He was training us … Continue reading 

I Need The TRUTH!

I remember watching a Veggie Tales video about Gideon when my kids were younger and thinking how much faith it would take for George Mueller to trust God to provide everything.  I mean, everything!  At that time I was still living under a lot of ick (read condemnation!) and thought I was a lesser Christian because I could never live with that kind of faith!  A few days ago I was thinking of that story again.  Perhaps it was because we were living that kind of faith out on a VERY small scale…and God has been very faithful, but that’s not … Continue reading