I would love the opportunity to speak into the lives of your people who are looking to find God’s purpose for their lives.  I spent 33 years not knowing or understanding who I was or what God had made me to do in this life.  Through a lot of prayer and God stripping away the hurts and lies in my life, I can now see myself for who He says I am and who He created me to be today.

Christians today long for the freedom that is talked about in the Bible but we have no idea how to get there.  Many of us struggle with loneliness, depression, low self-esteem, insecurity, and fears even though we’ve experienced salvation in our lives.  We walk around in invisible chains that are holding us back from the life God has for us.

I want to not only help people get free, but have practical steps to stay free.  This is done through teachings and active participation such as creating your Storyline and Life Truths.  These active exercises will be essential in the long term success of living out God’s purpose and remaining free from the chains that hold us back from truly living free.

If you have an event, big or small, I would love to partner with you to see people living the life God has for them.